• I just found out there's a dealer near my area! I'm getting a Dakota Safe for Christmas... YEAH!

    Michael Castino
  • I really need a Gun Safe and I drive a Dodge Dakota it is an Omen.

    Eddie Buntler
  • I don't have my Dodge Dakota anymore but I assure you I will always have my Dakota Safe.

    Eddie Buntler
  • We need a great safe to protect our children. Remember knowledge is power. It starts with us and we chose a Dakota Safe.

    Jerrod Busey
  • This is one sweet safe. I got my money's worth with a Dakota Safe.

    Bob Wills
  • I love my Black Diamond Safe. It looks great next to all my deer mounts.

    Victor Rios
  • I purchased a Dakota safe from Able Safe in February of 2016. I entered the store after doing much research online thinking I knew what I wanted to purchase and where I wanted to place the unit. I soon realized my knowledge was very limited and limited to what I was able to gather online. This ignored all the details of “my gun safe experience”. Speaking to the sales people in the store made me realize that many more details played into making a proper selection of gun safe and safe placement within the home. It became clear within a few minutes that the info online left much to be determined. Many of the preliminary thoughts and ideas I had developed during my initial “study phase” were flawed, due to the fact that these decisions are not equal for every individual. I took a step back to consider all that I had learned by speaking to true experts in the gun safe business rather than a journalist writing a piece for publication.

    I ended up taking some additional time before making this purchase. I periodically would stop by to discuss other details and ideas that I was developing as I learned more and more from each conversation. I was amazed at the knowledge and details of which was never found in the articles online.

    The time to pull the trigger and make the purchase had arrived. We are now in the middle of winter. I have selected my DATKOTA 48 GUN SAFE a DS42. I found that the 3rd party delivery company was way behind and would not be able to deliver the unit when I needed it to be installed. The guys at the store stepped up and did the delivery themselves, something that they do not normally do. The delivery and set up was flawless as they instructed me with proper base design and the site had been prepped properly. Mind you my concern was theft I never in a million years felt I had to worry about fire. Well July 21, 2016, 5 month after the safe installation, my house was hit by lightning and burned to the ground. The only thing standing was my gun safe. This was one hot fire as every responding fireman commented on how hot “this” fire was compared to others. The fire went for over 4 hours. Once extinguished the safe sat for a couple of days to allow it to cool down. I was able to get into the safe and low and behold my firearms were in one piece. They were not perfect, but from just looking at the exterior of the safe all indications were that I most likely had lost my entire collection. Every firearm I own was able to be restored and look as though nothing happened.

    I will forever appreciate the knowledge of each individual I spoke with at Able Safe as each has a great perspective and knowledge of the products they sell. No question in my mind that once my home has been rebuilt I will gladly purchase another Dakota safe from Able Safe of Pinconning. If you value your firearms as I do I strongly suggest stopping in, saying “Hello” and sparking up a conversation. You will be amazed how much you will learn.



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